The purpose of financial planning is to offer security and peace of mind. If you could reach your financial goals simply by putting all of your money in the bank, you would not need a financial plan. Unfortunately, life is a little more complex. 

Why is it so hard for an individual to prepare their own financial plan? Firstly, there are so many different variables to consider, including your income, assets, liabilities, and personal views like your values, dreams, wants, needs, timelines and your attitude toward risk and reward. Secondly, being able to optimise your wealth and maximise your returns requires an intricate knowledge of investment, taxation and ever-changing regulations. Thirdly, assessing all of your circumstances and preparing a financial plan requires the expertise of a professional adviser. Fourthly, placing the implementation and ongoing monitoring of your portfolio in a trusted adviser gives you peace of mind and time to enjoy the things that matter most to you.  

Building a house is a good analogy. While you know exactly what sort of house you want, you don’t actually lay the bricks. You have the vision and engage the experts to design and build your dream. This is a similar relationship between you and your financial adviser. You determine your financial goals and your financial adviser designs and implements your plan.

Agility Wealth Partners’ financial advisers are experienced practitioners qualified to prepare strategies to suit your individual needs. Our advisers are Certified Financial Planning CFP®  professionals, which means they have achieved the highest designation in financial planning and they are committed to the highest ethical standards. Our advisers meet industry training and continuing education standards, and are registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). They are also members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, the peak professional body for financial advisers.  

We also work with your accountant or tax adviser to recommend the most appropriate financial plan for your retirement and investments.

Partnering with Agility Wealth will result in a financial plan that can help you:

  • Maximise your investment returns
  • Make your retirement years more comfortable and secure
  • Handle your day-to-day finances faster and easier
  • Increase your savings and optimise the growth of your wealth
  • Improve your cash flow for a better balance between income and expenses
  • Minimise the taxes you pay
  • Accumulate funds for special goals, like higher education for children
  • Look after your dependents in case of death or disability
  • Estimate your insurance needs
  • Have more confidence in your financial decisions
  • Transfer the assets of your estate to your heirs in the most effective way

If you have ever planned a long trip, you will appreciate the importance of a good map. Of course, the purpose of a map is to help you get to your destination. Like a map, your financial plan is designed to provide the best route to your targeted financial destination (your financial goals).

Your goals could include anything from paying off your mortgage to paying for your children’s education or saving for a comfortable retirement. Importantly, these goals should be prioritised, specific and have a timeframe for when you would like to achieve them. 

At Agility Wealth Partners, we can create your financial road map and then manage your investments to ensure you get to your destination.

Call Agility Wealth Partners on (02) 8277 4216 to discuss your financial planning needs.

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